A number of weeks ago, I wrote about the concept of learning agility and cognitive flexibility and connected it to my notion of a “plasticine mindset.” A related concept is thought diversity, which I liken to the newest kid on the diversity block, but which takes the much-used concept of […]

The new kid on the diversity block: Thought Diversity

Alex Gray,¬†writing on the recent The World Economic Forum¬†posted a slide of the importance of cognitive flexibility, which we could define as the ability to think about different concepts simultaneously and to be able to switch from one pattern of thinking to another. In her post from early January on […]

On Cognitive Flexibility, Learning Agility and Plasticine!

Gender pyramid
The Iceberg concept of gender:   More than two decades ago, philosopher and cultural theorist Judith Butler argued that rather than a biological concept that was based on genitals and reproductive organs, gender was a cultural construction that was performative. That is, we perform our gender in alignment, rejection, or […]

The Iceberg Concept of Gender