A few weeks ago, I gave a couple of workshops on thought diversity to educators in a postsecondary environment. Whether they were teaching business, marketing, early childhood education or other fields, they were preparing their students in fields where teamwork would be essential and change constant. In preparing for these […]

Lean into Discomfort: Thought Diversity, Organizational Change and Radical Innovation

What does it mean to “develop others?” A few weeks ago, the ASTD, the American Society for Training and Development announced that it was changing its name to the ATD, the Association for Talent Development. Addressing members at the ASTD’s 2014 International Conference & Exposition earlier in May, CEO Tony […]

About a month ago, I finished my fifth and last module of my MCATD, Facilitation Skills. It wasn’t my first course in facilitation; I had completed one a year earlier to this day, give or take a few. Yet, this recent course on facilitation made me alive to a number […]

Process, process, all is process, but not in vain