Yearly Archives: 2015

A few weeks ago, I gave a couple of workshops on thought diversity to educators in a postsecondary environment. Whether they were teaching business, marketing, early childhood education or other fields, they were preparing their students in fields where teamwork would be essential and change constant. In preparing for these […]

Lean into Discomfort: Thought Diversity, Organizational Change and Radical Innovation

I’ve been working this summer with the fine folks at Humber College’s Centre for Teaching and Learning on a series of short, engaging videos on various gender-related topics, with the aim of creating a dialogue on gendered “intelligence” and how it interfaces with learning, culture and change. The first two, […]

Gendered Intelligence: My first ever educational videos!

It’s always a challenge to find an engaging, enlightening and entertaining movie that appeals across the generations in my household. We came across one recently called Life of a King (2013) available on Netflix. It is based on the true story of Eugene Brown of Washington, DC, who was incarcerated […]

Envisioning the End Game: Why Social Contexts Matter For Success