What I Offer: Learning and Leadership Workshops

Enliven Learning by Nitin Deckha, PhD, CTDP, MCATD

Learning and Leadership Workshop Descriptions



Far from being natural, gender is a powerful social and cultural construction. Today, with new insights from neuroscience and learning, the shift from manufacturing to service and high-tech economies, changing household and family arrangements, and greater respect for diversity of self-expression and identity, gender is a fluid construction that affects us how we think, act, learn and work. In this session, we go beyond legislation and policy to become gender-intelligent. We explore the biological and sociological contours of sex and gender, the experiences and perspectives of transgendered peoples, and how deep-seated gendered behaviours and perceptions around masculinity and femininity shape and impact workplace culture and productivity.



Neuroscience advocates a new map of human thinking where individuals learn to think differently due to brain structures, neural pathway development, experiences, and identities. Organizational experts are applying this new neuroscience to question how the thought diversity of learners is a benefit rather than a hindrance to the classroom. In this session, we explore the various dimensions of thought diversity. We will look at scenarios where it can help prevent workplace behaviours such as groupthink and overconfidence, lead to new insights, and help identify the right employees to tackle ongoing challenges with the aim to improve organizational outcomes.



According to some leading psychologists and educational researchers, grit is more significant than intelligence in predicting lifelong success. It is being identified as an essential 21st century competency.  Grit or the ability to sustain interest and effort in long-term goals despite adversity has been used to study and predict the successful outcomes in a range of groups, from military personnel to teachers. In this workshop, we examine grit as a key character of non-cognitive human capital, how to measure and assess it, and why grit is essential for developing resilient, productive, and goal-oriented employees and leaders for success in today’s highly competitive, ever-shifting landscape.



We assume that learners all measure success in courses and programs in similar ways. However, educational research shows that various dimensions, including parental and personal learning experiences and expectations, race, ethnicity and other identities shape how learners imagine success in developing their careers, and how the social contexts of the workplace impacts learning. In this workshop, we will look at various research and case studies to explore learners’ frameworks of workplace success and identify opportunities and challenges to providing greater opportunities for success for all employees.


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