There has been a recent spates of articles and posts that I’ve come across, notably from my various LinkedIn feeds, that hint at the quandary of what learning and education are going to mean/are becoming to mean in the age of Uber and robots, that is, in the already emerging […]

Learning in the age of Uber and robots

I had the opportunity to present an academic version of an Ignite show at the annual conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education as part of Congress (of Social Sciences and Humanities) in Ottawa a few weeks ago. For those of who are unfamiliar with Ignite, it features […]

My recent presentation on Igniting Student Success

Economist Storming the Ivory Towers
Recently, the Economist took stock of what I call the gendered determinants of success, looking at male and female educational and employment performance. (Gender still often gets divided into male and female, but that’s another story) It focused largely on a report released March 5 by the OECD, The ABC of […]

Reappraising the Gendered Determinants of Success on the Occasion of ...